The LOST Memories of King Persimmon

Jenny Berry is now eight years old and she has started to believe that Raggedy Lyme is just one of those things that grown ups tell you to get you to behave yourself. So now is just the right time for Princess Molly Berry to step out of the cupboard under the stairs and ask Jenny to accompany her back to Raggedy Lyme to help the witches find Fairy King Persimmon’s LOST memories.

This story has twenty-one chapters:

Chapter 1            Molly
Chapter 2           The Purple Path to Raggedy Lyme
Chapter 3           The Crossroads
Chapter 4           The Sister-witch
Chapter 5           The Grand Witch
Chapter 6           Fairies
Chapter 7           Queen Peony
Chapter 8           King Persimmon the Wise
Chapter 9           What to Do Next
Chapter 10         The Place Where the LOST Things Hide
Chapter 11          The Dome of LOST Things
Chapter 12         Chewing Gum, Kittens and Everything Else
Chapter 13          The Garden of Errors
Chapter 14          Riding with the Raggedy Knights
Chapter 15          The Valley of Terrors
Chapter 16          The Dark Falls
Chapter 17          The Ebony Palace
Chapter 18          Knave Prince Sorrel
Chapter 19          Orange
Chapter 20          Back to the Cupboard under the Stairs
Chapter 21           Home